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Enterprise Netherlands:


When Thomas Wolters, director of the Dutch division of Enterprise, first set out to introduce the US car rental company’s concept in the Netherlands, he never would have dared to dream that after opening multiple locations across the country the franchise would still be expanding. Its newest location in Zuidas is proof of an ever-growing company, but also of how very rapidly the world of modern mobility is changing as car sharing and rental become more and more popular. Thomas told us all about Enterprise Netherland’s plans and their outlook on the future of mobility.

What was the reason for opening a location in Zuidas? 
“A bigger network is a better product. With the opening of the Zuidas we are closer to our customers: the citizens of Amsterdam, the international traveller and the people working in the Financial District. Zuidas was therefore the perfect place to build our newest home and get involved within the community. Additionally, our location in the Zuidas allows us to optimize our operations in Amsterdam. Our fleet is available and accessible for any mobility need. We strive to optimize that fleet so we don’t end up with superfluous vehicles. That means we have to – as it were – chop up our fleet into smaller pieces and manage logistics so the right car is in the right place at the right time for our customer.

You’ve had plans to move to the Zuidas for a while now, so why did you wait?
“We made a deliberate decision to be patient. Over the years we’ve talked to many local parties about opening a branch here, but time and time again we simply did not find what we were looking for and chose not to settle for second best. “Finally this location where we are now open on Aaron Coplandstraat is easy to get to, in an ideal location in the centre of the community and with an easily-accessible distance to parking spaces.”

Sustainability is a hot topic in the mobility world. What is Enterprise Netherlands doing on this front? “We believe that, with car rental and car sharing companies such as ours, there’s no longer a need for everyone to own a car. If you rent a car from us when you need it, you can still enjoy all the freedom of having a car but without it sitting on the street for days where you don’t use it. Moreover, we constantly upgrade and modernize our fleet as often as possible, which already consists largely of electric, hybrid and in the future hydrogen vehicles. By employing the most advanced technology, we not only guarantee the highest level of safety, but in turn continually increase how sustainable our fleet is. Our modern fleet is among the most streamlined, clean and efficient modes of transport, because it has a high frequency of sharing with others; by then deploying our fleet in the smartest way possible, we get the best and most sustainable usage out of our vehicles.”

How do you envision the future of mobility?
“Mobility is all about efficiency. For example, at this location in Zuidas we’re operating with only five parking spaces, even though we’re working with as many as fifty cars on some days. That basically sums up our thinking on how urban areas should and could function. We’re supplying the neighbourhood with dozens of vehicles, but we only need five spaces to do so. Our concept of brick-and-mortar locations, a physical presence with a shop in the neighbourhood is the key to that success. With that promise, we guarantee the highest hygiene standards in the mobility industry. In contrast to our parking-spacefriendly set-up, street-rental companies need their vehicles visible in the streets in order to make a transaction; at the same time, they have more and more difficulties meeting the cleanliness expectations of their customers. This is why we invite everyone in the community to stop by our branch to learn how we can customize their mobility needs to suit their lifestyle.”

Enterprise Amsterdam Zuidas
Aaron Coplandstraat 6
1082 MG Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 740 19 50

Text: Tessa Burger & Romy Lange • Photography: Caily Bobbie Jo