Hello Zuidas offers its members a platform to communicate and participate in discussions about the quality of public space, safety, accessibility and activities in Zuidas and the area’s sustainable development. These themes are the founding principles of the Hello Zuidas Foundation. Several times a year we come together to discuss them with members that hold decision-making authority. The foundation also proposes and develops specific measures.

Access & Mobility

The accessibility and sustainability of transport flows from and to Zuidas are hugely important for the area. It ensures a healthy business climate, cleaner air and a more liveable climate in Zuidas. Together with many partners, we have been working for years on improving accessibility and sustainable mobility in the Zuidas under the name 'From A to Zuidas'. This program is about the transition in mobility, in which air quality and sustainability, but also transport, logistics and innovation play an important role.

Sustainablity & Housing

The Zuidas is currently undergoing a transition from a business area to a mixed urban district. Many of the plots still to be built will (partly) have a residential function. Together with our members from the living sector, we highlight topics that touch these developments three times a year during the 'Living in Zuidas' meeting. We discuss questions such as: how is the municipality's policy being implemented? What facilities and facilities are needed for Zuidas to succeed as a residential area? What conditions are needed for market parties?

Public Space & Safety

A pleasant and liveable public space is essential for a prime location like Zuidas. Every day thousands of people use the bicycle parkings, inner gardens, green areas, squares and stations. That is why Hello Zuidas has agreements with the municipality of Amsterdam to maintain the professional and clean look of Zuidas. Hello Zuidas also organizes the Facility Management Platform three times a year, in which facility managers and office managers from public and private parties come together to discuss area-wide themes in the public space. For example: smoking, waste logistics, management and greenery.


To make the transition from business district to mixed city district a success, street activity is vital, also outside office hours. Initiatives in the field of art, sports and recreation often come from Hello Zuidas. We are always looking for new projects; initiatives that fit well in Zuidas are supported by us.