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Meet the team behind Hello Zuidas, an organization for area management in Zuidas. The objective of Hello Zuidas is an optimally functioning and attractive Zuidas for all persons and organizations located in the area.

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Olivier Otten has been director of the Hello Zuidas Foundation since it was founded in December 2011. Prior to that, he was director from 2006 and responsible for the re-establishment of WTC Amsterdam Business Club. From 2009 on, in addition to his work for the WTC Amsterdam, he started working as program director at Amsterdam Bright City. Olivier, together with the VU, ABN Amro and the WTC, was one of the founders of programs about philosophy, literature, film, music and doing business in the Zuidas. He previously worked as a communications strategist for Saatchi & Saatchi and FHV BBDO. Olivier studied Business Administration in Oxford, Groningen and Barcelona.


Angela Ham has been working at Hello Zuidas since November 2019. She is responsible for agency management and HR. Angela is the face of the Hello Zuidas Service Point. In addition to current office management matters and the customer database, Angela is secretary on the Horeca & Retail platform, FM Platform and the Security Platform. She previously worked as an office and project manager in the fashion industry.


Rinske Berg is Project Manager Mobility & Accessibility at Hello Zuidas. From the platform from A tot Zuidas, it ensures coordination between public and private parties in the field of accessibility of Zuidas. In addition, she initiates and coordinates initiatives that encourage companies and institutions in the Zuidas to achieve sustainable behavioral change in the field of mobility. At the weekend you can find Rinske outside on her racing bike, during a walk or in the sun on the terrace with friends.

Trevor Holtkamp

Trevor Holtkamp is the Community Manager of Hello Zuidas. His focus is on the Vibrance pillar. From this focus, he brings public and private parties together to provide the Zuidas with excellent (catering) facilities, shops, cultural offerings and events. He is also chairman of the Retail Services Network and the Horeca Consultation. In addition to his position at Hello Zuidas, he designs his own board games and is an active member of D66.


Elisa Schouten has been Project Manager Public Space & Safety at Hello Zuidas since April 2021. She is chair of the Zuidas Safety Platform, the Facility Management Platform and the HR Platform. She previously worked at a welfare organization as a welfare coach, coordinator & participation officer in Amsterdam South. Elisa has a background in communication & hospitality management.


René Teeuwen has been working as chairman of the Zuidas Accessibility Taskforce since December 2019. The Zuidas Accessibility Taskforce aims to stimulate consultation between government and the business community about the accessibility of Zuidas. The members of the Taskforce are a good reflection of the business community and institutions located in Zuidas. The Taskforce acts as an independent body within the Hello Zuidas Foundation. René also works for other clients and has extensive experience as a project manager of own projects or on assignment. He recently worked for Zuidasdok. René studied public administration in Nijmegen.


Romy Lange is the owner of the company Zuidas Publishers and since 2012 chief editor of the Hello Zuidas magazine. She coordinates and takes care of all editing and acquisition for the magazine. Through her work for Hello Zuidas she has built up a large network in the Zuidas. Romy also works for other clients besides Hello Zuidas. Romy studied Journalism in Utrecht.