Many organizations in Zuidas are involved in sustainable mobility, and even more so in mobility initiatives and solutions. Van A tot Zuidas was set up to synergize all these different access and mobility endeavours. By bringing efforts together, we want to facilitate employers and commuters, offer a clear and comprehensive overview of options, and thereby help everyone connect quickly and easily to the right mobility solutions and partners. Find them all on the website: www.vanatotzuidas.nl.

We’ve lined up the current initiatives for you 

E-bike try-out
Green Business Club Zuidas organizes several e-bike try-outs yearly. From 1 September through the end of November 2021, employees in Zuidas can test an e-bike or speed pedelec for two weeks, free of charge and with no obligations. Where regular e-bikes have a maximum speed of about 25 km/h, speed pedelecs can reach up to 45 km/h. The only condition for participation is that e-bike use replaces car or public transport travel. Previous try-outs resulted in more than half of participants switching to e-cycling between home and work.


Zuidas Mobility Experience
After a prolonged period of working from home, travel is expected to ramp up after the summer. That makes this an ideal time to ditch old habits and explore new alternatives for commuting. Would you like some insight into how your employees travel? To find out what motivates them to opt for different mobility modalities, so you can cut down on carbon, journey costs or parking spaces, while boosting workforce vitality, distributing office occupancy, or providing greater flexibility? Sign up for the third Zuidas Mobility Experience!

As an employer, you get a picture of how your employees travel. Your people benefit with flexible journey options, for example by letting them take the train whenever they can and the car when they need to. Participants use the Amaze Mobility app. Any time they skip the car, work from home, or avoid rush hour, they’ll be rewarded with travel credit. 

Public transport use has taken a hit from the Covid-19 pandemic. Hello Zuidas aims to change that! OV-Buddies was set up to get people in Zuidas to encourage their colleagues to skip the car and take public transport (‘OV’) to work. As an incentive, participants are rewarded for each public transport journey they make to or from Zuidas. Using public transport reduces parking headaches and boosts business sustainability. In other words, it’s a win-win!

With OV-Buddies, committed public transport users seek out car-commuting colleagues within their organization, and they sign up as a team. Each time a teammate/ex-motorist takes public transport to work, both buddies collect points. These points can be used towards great rewards, including hotel stays or lunch at various Zuidas eateries.