TCA Taxi is an institution in Amsterdam. When you need a taxi, TCA is probably the first cab company to come to mind. Times have been turbulent for the taxi sector lately, but TCA hasn’t been sitting idle. Director Hedy Borreman: “Technologically, we are continuing to develop. Most recently, we’ve been working on new in-cab systems that integrate everything on one tablet or mobile; soon you can even split the bill.”

As life starts returning to normal, taxi services are resuming too. TCA has seen a rise in activity, though more time is needed for them to get back to pre-pandemic levels. “Our challenge right now is to keep pace with advances”, Borreman stresses. “We’re working on technological developments such as advance payments for rides, QR code payment and split payments. These are all options that are being integrated to serve our customers even better.” 

TCA Business Portal
Many organizations are currently grappling with their mobility policies. Lease cars are on the way out and mobility budgets are taking over. Borreman: “Taxis - specifically the emission free taxis - are a good and sustainable alternative in this regard. TCA Taxi has developed a special portal for business customers that makes it easy for companies to book taxis and keep track of everything, down to adding customer and PO numbers.”

Recently, TCA launched a partnership with Amaze. This new mobility app links all mobility options, including shared cars, scooters and bikes, taxis and public transport. “We’re part of one of the app’s shared mobilities”, Borreman explains. “If you’re going to Amsterdam Zuid station and plan to grab a shared car from there, the app lets you know that you could also take a taxi. The advantage is that you have some extra time to prep for your meeting and don’t have to go searching for a parking space.” TCA has also teamed up with SIXT. When you hire a car with a driver, TCA Taxi gets you safely to your destination.


Last but not least, Borreman adds, “If you want a sustainable option, TCA Taxi is also a good way to travel. In parallel with the Municipality of Amsterdam, we are working towards a zero-emissions fleet by 2025.”