“As well as organising successful events, we also aim to give back to the community”

In his job as Traffic & Logistics manager at RAI Amsterdam, Wim Braakman plays an important role in area logistics and traffic operations. On 11 April, he organised a meeting at RAI together with the Zuidas Accessibility Task Force. In our interview with him, Wim shares his insights on the future of logistics and traffic in Zuidas.

Developments at RAI
Wim explains that RAI Amsterdam is working on various initiatives to distribute and reduce local traffic. “We just started a new initiative where we set up a warehouse outside the city, where goods can be gathered and then transported to RAI in a single delivery vehicle. We also use a timeslot system for freight deliveries to spread this traffic over the day, which also speeds traffic flows.”

RAI has also partnered with Zuidas to redevelop P9 on the north side of the Europa complex, which means that freight traffic now enters the RAI grounds from Wielingenstraat and leaves via Europaboulevard.

Green contribution
RAI Amsterdam is contributing to sustainability efforts as well. For example, by developing a green strip. “This green strip has been created on the Wielingenstraat side, replacing the tarmac and making it look much more attractive. We’ll also soon be introducing the first electric forklifts with our partner, to make work quieter and more environmentally-friendly. This is welcome news for local residents.”

Current trends and events
A big trend in events, says Wim, is the increasing use of modular stands. “This type of stand, which we supply with profiles, partitions and digital prints, can be assembled in different ways and offers a more attractive and sustainable option. Stands can be pre-assembled and exhibitors don’t have to bring their own, which cuts down on transport and simplifies logistics.”

RAI Master Plan
The RAI Master Plan is currently in the design and planning phase. “The driving ambition is that we want RAI to remain in its excellent location in Zuidas, between Schiphol Airport and the city centre. As well as organising successful events, we aim to give back to the community. In keeping with our vision for the future, we have opened our car parks to support wider mobility in Amsterdam. We are also exploring how we can fulfil an active role in urban logistics.”

As a key player in the logistics and event industry, RAI Amsterdam’s innovative solutions to reduce and distribute traffic are helping to make logistics, transport and traffic in Zuidas more sustainable.