What's in store for Zuidasdok?

On 2 November 2019 we slid the first roof section for the new station passageway into place under the A10 motorway and the train tracks. But that was just the beginning, because the passageway requires no less than seven roof sections. Meanwhile, the project is facing setbacks. So what’s in store?


Zuidasdok is a project to improve access to and from Zuidas. It encompasses widening the A10 south ring road from four to six lanes in each direction and tunnelling the section that cuts through the district’s centre underground. On top of that is a full-scale renovation of Amsterdam Zuid Station. At least, this was the project as awarded to building consortium ZuidPlus. But now it’s facing several setbacks. For one thing, the project turns out to be more complex than envisioned and it’s taking longer than expected to arrive at a sound, comprehensive design. Talks chaired by external expert Professor Marcel Hertogh are currently ongoing between the project’s clients and ZuidPlus, and an analysis of the project’s ‘utility and need’ is also underway (under the direction of former cabinet minister Sybilla Dekker). Plans are for both Hertogh and Dekker to present their findings in the first quarter of 2020. The minister of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Amsterdam city council have already agreed on the need for rapid capacity improvement at Amsterdam Zuid Station. 

Britten passageway

Despite these uncertainties, a portion of the works are continuing as planned. This includes construction of the additional station tunnel: the ‘Brittenpassage’. Seven roof sections have to be installed beneath the existing four sets each of metro and train tracks and slated site of the fifth and six set of train tracks needed to scale Amsterdam Zuid Station up into becoming the city’s second- largest train station. The first roof section has been in place since 2 November 2019; the rest will follow in 2020 and after. Once the whole roof is in place, work can start on digging the passageway itself and building the large second station tunnel, complete with shops and all the usual amenities you’d expect at a major public transport hub. 


As stated, Zuidasdok encompasses much more than this second tunnel. The existing station tunnel (linking Zuidplein and Mahlerplein) is also to be overhauled and made significantly wider. At this stage, however, it’s uncertain how and when this project will go ahead. We hope this uncertainty will be cleared up in the spring. 


The George and The Gustav are two new buildings on George Gershwinlaan and Gustav Mahlerlaan. The George will have 47 spacious luxury dwellings and be completed in mid-2020. The Gustav spans two buildings. The south Gustav, with large terraces, will have 29 mid-size flats and 19 studio apartments, while the north block offers 96 luxury studios targeted to young professionals and expats. Completion of The George: mid-2020.