Making plans for 'Verdi'

During the last two years Zuidas has grown westward towards the lakeside of De Nieuwe Meer. This area, bounded by Amstelveenseweg and the Schinkel waterway, is known by the name ‘Verdi’. What is Zuidas planning here?

Verdi is predominantly green, with an abundance of water. A central aim of plans currently in the works is to conserve and enhance the green component, while also opening Verdi up for property development. It will be a challenge to strike a balance between the area’s tranquillity while increasing access. Aside from green space, the plans also emphasize facilities for sport and recreation, for which De Nieuwe Meer has fantastic potential. Ultimately, we want to open this area up for more of Amsterdam to enjoy.


The northern section of Verdi (roughly the stretch north of the A10 along Amstelveenseweg) has potential for residential and office development and amenities. A number of businesses hqve already settled here, as well as the Zuid sports facility and the Tripolis buildings and old orphanage complex, both listed. Taken together, they present a rather chaotic patchwork, so the area is primed for redevelopment.


For a year and a half now, we have been in talks with Verdi users and residents. Some express concerns, for instance that the area will lose its tranquillity or that traffic problems will arise if larger crowds discover Verdi’s attractions. These concerns were also voiced during an area conference, held by the municipality in November 2019. For our project it’s vital to understand what area users feel to be of real importance and why. We will make every effort to take account of users’ wishes and suggestions in the plans under development, while bearing in mind that at Verdi, as anywhere, interests differ. Follow-up meetings will be scheduled to get input from Verdi’s current users on these development plans.