I Travel Business Card: Flexible and sustainable travel to Zuidas

The I Travel Business Card is a joint initiative of GVB and Mobiliteitsfabriek and an ideal solution for everyone working in Zuidas. Employers in Amsterdam (and throughout the Netherlands) can get the mobility pass for their employees, enabling them to charge journeys by tram, train, metro, bus, OV bike, taxi or shared car to their business account. With so many options, the I Travel Business Card is a total solution for all your organization’s mobility needs. Hello Zuidas learned about all the advantages from Erik Maitimo, account manager corporate sales at GVB.

These days, people travel to the workplace in all different ways: one goes by train, another by tram, a third grabs the metro. Everyone has their own preferences, depending on when and where they need to go. That’s where the I Travel Business Card comes in, explains Erik. ‘So many factors are involved that you need a product tailored to each employee. Things like appointments out of the office, in the city, collecting the kids from day care. When you strike a good balance, staff satisfaction goes up, because they can choose mobility that suits them.’ The flexible card is valid for multiple forms of public transport and mobility, including OV bikes, taxis, car hire companies and Park + Rides. Other advantages are that leaving the car at home is more sustainable, cycling is healthier and HR departments can keep a better grip on commuting expenses.


The card is particularly useful for companies in Zuidas, Erik points out. ‘Zuidas is turning into one big construction site, and in the next ten years the district will become even more difficult to reach by car, also because of the influx of new businesses and residents. There will come a point when there’s no more room left. It won’t help managers to look out their office windows and see gridlock in Zuidas and all their staff stuck in traffic.’ Parking fees are another consideration. ‘In Zuidas, they’re sky high. For the cost of a single parking space you could have a sizeable mobility budget for several employees.’

Employers take out a group contract with the I Travel Business Card, making it available to their employees. Interested? Go to www.gvb.nl/zakelijk /i-travel-business-card or call to: 088 934 34 14, or send an e-mail to: info@itravelbc.nl or zakelijk@gvb.nl