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#zuidasstories introduces you to the origins and history of Zuidas, taking you back to the time before the Amsterdam business district even existed. Have you seen the photo wall outside ABN AMRO Bank on Gustav Mahlerplein yet? We asked four people checking out the exhibit about their ties to Zuidas.


‘I live in Valencia but lots of my clients are based here. I’ve been coming to Zuidas for about 15 years now and have really seen it transform. There’s more greenery and many more places to hang out nowadays. Everything has improved and it almost doesn’t feel like Amsterdam. When in Holland, I almost always travel by public transport, which is excellent. Amsterdam’s a model city, if you ask me.’


‘I started working at the restaurant at Circl a couple of months ago. From the moment I came to Zuidas for my job interview, I was impressed. Afterwards, I sent all my friends a WhatsApp message raving about the great vibe here. I’m a history fan, so I think this wall of pictures from the past is a brilliant idea. It really tells a story. When you look around you see everything that’s changed in the last decades. I’ve been exploring Zuidas bit by bit. When the weather warms up again, I’ll start going out into the district more. I feel very at home in Zuidas and could easily see myself living here.’


‘I’ve been working for Xerox at ABN AMRO’s corporate communications department for a year now. I live in Haarlem and before getting this job I thought Zuidas would be a cold-hearted place. But it’s the opposite – it’s very lively. Just the other day I saw workers putting in the huge concrete slab at the Amsterdam Zuid station. That was awesome. One hears there are lots of problems around this project, so it’s impressive that this kind of work is still going ahead. This photo wall along the square catapults people back into the past and I think that’s great.'


‘I was born in Almelo and now live in Almere. My dad is from Amsterdam. I’m interested in history and I really like the picture with Juliana. Looking around here now, it’s hard to imagine all of this used to be flat. Pretty amazing!’