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Interview with Mirjam van Praag, president of the Executive Board of VU Amsterdam

As president of the Executive Board of VU Amsterdam, Mirjam van Praag can look back on three inspiring and educational years. She enjoys leading the university and mapping a direction for its future, which she does with a team of people in the organization. As well as fostering a shared purpose, their combined efforts genuinely improve the direction the university sets, Mirjam stresses. In a large organization like VU, knowledge and understanding tend to be compartmentalized in departments or domains, or in people with specific experience or research expertise. The Board can’t know everything, Mirjam says, and she considers it a privilege to lead and represent VU Amsterdam together with her wonderful Board colleagues. “These people and our shared love for VU and what it stands for are what make this job so gratifying. As you can see, I’m very enthusiastic.”


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Zuidas is developing rapidly, from a high-end business district to a mature and diverse Amsterdam neighborhood with high-quality residential facilities and internationally leading companies and educational institutions within easy reach. In the coming years, large-scale innovation of the infrastructure will lead to the development of Zuidas as the new city center of Amsterdam, less than ten minutes from Schiphol and Amsterdam CS.

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