Zuidas Apotheek, Zuidas Huisartsen and Avenue Services now offer antigen (rapid)tests for Zuidas residents

Since the start of the pandemic, several antigen (rapid) tests have been developed, which are offered by different parties. In order to make the antigen (rapid) test also available to Zuidas residents, Zuidas Apotheek and Zuidas Huisartsen, in collaboration with Avenue Services, have made the antigen (rapid) tests possible for you at home.

GGD PCR test: accurate, but takes more time
The PCR test is the test that is currently being administered by the GGD. In this test, throat and nasal mucus is taken which is then tested for the corona virus by a laboratory. The PCR test is accurate, but it takes more time to get the result. For the diagnosis of COVID-19 in persons with complaints, the PCR test is still preferable to the antigen (rapid) test.

Antigen (fast) testing: fast, but has limitations
In addition to the PCR test, there are various approved (rapid) antigen tests by the RIVM and the VWS. The antigen (rapid) test is a test that shows the presence of the virus by means of a swab from the nose and throat. The results will be known within minutes.

The antigen (rapid) test does not detect all infections. A positive test result indicates that someone has the virus and usually in quantities that make the person infectious at the time. However, if the test result is negative, the test may miss people who already carry the virus, but have yet to become infectious. In that case, it may be decided to repeat the test after a few days.

Rapid tests for Zuidas residents
In collaboration with Zuidas Pharmacy and Zuidas Huisartsen, the antigen (rapid) test is offered to the Zuidas resident for 49.95 euros including VAT. The antigen (rapid) test is administered at your home by trained healthcare personnel in protective clothing. The result is known almost immediately after the test.

Via the website www.avenue-services.nl/test you can register for the antigen rapid test and state your preferred day (s) and time (s).

For more information, you can also visit the website, or email info@avenue-services.nl .

Taking care of each other's health together!