Rosarium is ready to roll!

Rosarium is ready to set out on a new phase with its meeting and event venue. “This past year, with the lockdown, it was rough”, acknowledges Manager Jordi van den Berg. “Service, facilitating events and taking care of guests is in our DNA. We couldn’t do that, but our optimism and enthusiasm are back. We’re ready to welcome back all of our regular guests as well as new ones. And we’re proud to show that Rosarium looks as new again, has invested in a state-of-the-art ventilation system and has implemented sustainability in different ways.”

Indoors is outdoors
Situated in beautiful green surroundings, near Zuidas and the A10 ringway, Rosarium is a seamless blend of indoors and outdoors. All the spaces have French door openings which lead to a private terrace that overlooks the flower garden. And beyond that Amstelpark is possibly Amsterdam’s most picturesque parc. “You’re not attending a meeting in a large convention complex or in a hotel with guests checking in and out”, Sales & Event Manager Marelie Bosch van Drakestein explains. “The relaxed ambiance, the peace and quiet of the green surroundings and excellent accessibility are precisely what sets us apart. You can take a stroll through the park during a break of your meeting. That’s a great way to recharge.”

New chef
As a fervent foodie, Marelie is very excited about the gastronomy: “The food experience of our clients is continuously changing, from the sandwich lunch buffet to sit-down dinners to receptions. Vegetarian, biological products and super healthy are the big trends at the moment.” The new chef, Michiel Post, agrees. “It’s wonderful to let guests taste a healthy lunch or dinner without making any concessions to quality. Cooking with locally sourced ingredients and sustainable products – that’s my motto.”

Live & hybrid
Rosarium is hosting many hybrid (virtual + in-person) meetings already. It can supply all the technical resources needed to facilitate meetings for both online participants and speakers as guests on location. And for small team sessions to larger conferences. Live streaming is an ideal complement to traditional presentations. Nevertheless, there’s a universal preference to meet in real life. Not only there is there a stronger engagement, the dynamics are different when things are completely online in comparison to meeting each other in person. “We want to connect people in every way. Next year, Rosarium will celebrate its 50th anniversary”, Jordi notes. “That’s a big milestone, so we want to celebrate it with everyone in a big way. We’re ready for it!”