Probeer nu twee weken een e-bike of speed-pedelec

From this year on, it has become even more attractive to lease an e-bike or speed pedelec. A good reason to try one now!

Green Business Club initiative
100 Green Business Club Zuidas participants will have the opportunity in 2020 to try out an e-bike or speed pedelec for two weeks. This spring, Green Business Club Zuidas will also be launching various E-bike Try-outs. From April to September, employees of companies on Zuidas can try out an e-bike or a speed paddle free of charge for two weeks free of charge under the condition that the e-bike/speed pedelec replaces the car or public transport.

Business use ordinary / electric bicycle
From this year on, the government has made it easier to use the bicycle for business, normal or electric. Where it was previously necessary to keep track of journeys, as an employee you now pay a fixed gross addition of 7% of the use of a business bicycle. In addition, employees who also use other means of transport are still eligible for a tax-free travel allowance of 19 cents per kilometer.

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For more information about additions and lease arrangements, visit the QicQ-Fietsen site .