“From the ground up”

From the ground up, Daan has not only watched Zuidas grow, but contributed to it himself. Having moved to this booming part of Amsterdam four years ago, after two years he decided to take the plunge and start his own interior design company. He and his business partner transformed Daan’s apartment into a beautiful showroom and office: a space where creativity, craftsmanship and innovation come together.

Had you always wanted to live in this area?
“No, actually. I came across a notice in the newspaper one day about apartments that were going up. I registered and eventually was lucky enough to be invited for a viewing. So that’s when I started looking into possibilities for buying a place, and in Zuidas no less. That was four years ago now and I’ve been living here ever since. I have really seen Zuidas grow. What’s brilliant is that my cousin lives three floors down from me and a friend of mine two floors up.”


If there was one thing in Zuidas you could change, what would it be?
“A McDonald’s was supposed to move into a vacant premises at the base of the building below my flat at one point, but fortunately that fell through. I would like it if something else moved in though. A cinema, maybe? I do love that George opened on Zuidplein. And of course Nela, in Valley. Apart from the fact that it looks fabulous, it’s just across from my place.”

What’s your favourite spot in Zuidas?
“Right now, the gym is my favourite spot. Wednesdays and Sundays are the only days I don’t go to Clubsportive. And Pizzabakkers is great, too!” Favourite spot at home “The sofa is my space to relax. When I’m lying there, I know I’ve done my best that day and can unwind. And I have a lovely view from my sofa, because I look out on Valley. I enjoy that gorgeous view every day, looking down at Gustav Mahlerlaan, and hearing another snazzy car tear by. It feels like there’s always stuff happening.”


“My job really is my hobby. I run my own interior design company. We do bespoke kitchens, built-in storage, floors and window dressing. Basically, we design a complete concept and then work with partners to make it. We’ve also done apartments here in Zuidas, as it happens. In fact, we started out right here, using my flat as a showroom and office.”

Name Daan van Huffel
Age 28
Lives in The Gustav