RAI Virtual Tour available

RAI Amsterdam launched the new application 'RAI Virtual Tour' last week. This application provides an online venue experience to assist organizers in their search for a suitable event venue.

Virtual experience
 Exhibitors and visitors can obtain a complete 360 degree image and interactive 3D floor plan of the entire complex via the tool. All 178 rooms of the RAI can be viewed virtually.

In total, 250 360-degree photos, 210 photos, 140 fact sheets and 178 summary texts were used to display the rooms in different configurations, including an interactive 3D floor plan, so that the RAI complex can also be viewed per floor.

In addition, the tool offers opportunities to experience a fair, conference or event virtually.

Development tool
The development of the tool started long before the corona crisis, but has now been given an additional function. This helps new organizers in their search for a suitable event location. Existing organizers, exhibitors and visitors can now prepare their event or visit 'virtually'.

Do you want to know more? Then look here .

Download the tool via this link and experience it for yourself!