(Not) smoking is a hot topic on the Zuidas. In October 2019 Hello Zuidas already dedicated an 'FM Platform Zuidas' to it. The central question was how employers and building managers can provide a smoke-free (working) environment. ABN AMRO, VU, GGD Amsterdam and Artis spoke during the event about their policy and experiences with regard to setting up a smoke-free working environment.

Smoke-free zones Zuidas
From October 2019, a large area around the Amsterdam UMC, the VU, the dental training ACTA and the Botanical Garden Zuidas are permanently smoke-free. As of January 1, 2020, the ABN AMRO on Zuidplein will also be a smoke-free zone and the VU campus aims to be completely smoke-free on May 31, 2020, "World No Tobacco Day."

The WTC Amsterdam has already designated its entrances as smoke-free zones. The smoke-free zone applies in a radius of 7.5 meters around the entrances. To draw more attention to this, the smoke-free zones are also marked on the ground from today.