De Dag van de Zorg - doe je mee?

Today, not coincidentally also the birthday of the English nurse Florence Nightingale, all employees in the care sector are put in the spotlight. It is the Day of Nurses, also known as the Day of Care Takers.

The anonymous artist Banksy already beautifully paid tribute to all care providers in England last week.

We have also seen a tribute to healthcare in the Zuidas in recent weeks. For example, #applausvoordezorg was massively heard on March 17 and in the weeks after that we saw hearts and expressions of support everywhere behind the windows in our city district.

Today we would like to thank all employees in the healthcare sector again for their efforts. You too? This can be done through one of the following local initiatives:

- Zuidas thanks the care
- Urban Salad action relief workers
- # care hero car

Photo: Kinderrijk Childcare