Hospitality logistics: what are the opportunities for entrepreneurs in Zuidas?

Hello Zuidas FM Platform February 19, 2020

Accessibility and sustainability are important themes for almost all companies and institutions in Zuidas today. The crowds on the streets are increasing. Every day, 3,000 delivery vans and 2,000 trucks drive to almost 5,000 hospitality entrepreneurs in Amsterdam, with an average of only two shipments.

This bustle is also noticeable in Zuidas. Many buildings in our area are supplied several times a day by various suppliers. This leads to congestion on the road network and increases CO2 emissions.

The FM Platform of Hello Zuidas was devoted to this hospitality logistics last week. How can we tackle this smarter and cleaner? And what opportunities are there for the entrepreneur in Zuidas?

Our colleague Jessica Bekker, together with Kees-Willem Rademakers from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, has been conducting research into catering supplies in the Zuidas for the past 2 years. During the FM Platform, a pilot was presented to look together with catering entrepreneurs in Zuidas for a new approach to bundled deliveries from local suppliers.

That bundling deliveries is important is also the clear outcome of a port survey done by Green Business Club Zuidas . For example, they state that 1/3rd of the deliveries in Zuidas consist of food or drinks. The peak of these deliveries is in the early morning, precisely at the moment that all business commuters also try to reach Zuidas, resulting in major traffic attacks.

In addition to the supply of products, there must also be a critical look at the discharge, says Joost Kamerman of the startup Seenons . He is one of the precursors in the smarter bundling of waste logistics. Seenons strives for a future in which 0% residual waste is the standard. To achieve this, they help companies to facilitate and make their waste separation sustainable. The starting point is that parties that deliver goods then have room in their means of transport to transport goods (waste) again on the way back.

Are you a catering entrepreneur, or is your company canteen open for the aforementioned pilot? Then contact