Local entrepreneurs work tirelessly behind the scenes

In another reality, you might have walked through Claude Debussylaan today, picked up a coffee from The Breakfast Club or went to lunch with colleagues at Market33.

Zuidas may be abandoned during this period, but local entrepreneurs work tirelessly behind the scenes. We recently shared various initiatives from the area through our channels. Today we summarize some of them for you:

No culinary loss
Fortunately, working from home does not have to mean a culinary loss. Many catering entrepreneurs from the area work together with the services of deliveroo, ubereats and home delivery to still deliver your familiar meals to everyone. A glass of wine? Wineboutique & Spirits Zuidas is still open and available for buying a beautiful bottle or collecting wine advice. In addition to ordering and collecting, Urban Salad also allows you to donate salads to aid workers who fight in the front line against COVID-1.
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Work on your fitness from home
Clubsportive offers   online sports lessons through her social media channels. Local residents in Zuidas can also attend live Clubsportive training from their balcony. The workouts are given regularly from the roof of the gym.

Local service providers are at your service
The local service providers do everything they can to provide everyone with their services as well as possible. For example, you can still go to Zuidas Apotheek for your medication. Prefer home delivery? A bicycle courier can deliver repeat prescriptions to your home via their App . Hestia Kinderopvang keeps its 2 branches in Amsterdam open for the care of children between 0 and 12 years of age with parents with crucial professions.

Want to know more about all local initiatives? Check out the full list at https://www.hellozuidas.com/news/initiatives-zuidas-ondernemers-dured-covid-19-5e70c52a706d930d996516e9