Amsterdam strives for leaving no rooftop unused

Amsterdam is committed to achieving the Paris Climate Targets by ensuring that the city is climate neutral by 2050. To achieve this, commitment from all parties in the city is needed. There are many opportunities for generating solar energy on company roofs in Amsterdam. The roof surface is often large, so that solar panels can be rolled out efficiently. The municipality is therefore calling on business owner owners to explore and utilize the possibilities of solar energy.

SDE + final setup round (Stimulating Sustainable Energy Production)

Investments in solar energy pay for themselves with the help of an SDE + subsidy. The SDE + scheme (Stimulation Sustainable Energy Production) is going to change; in March 2020 the last opening round is in its current form. There is still some uncertainty about the shape of this scheme in the future.

In connection with the opening round of the SDE + subsidy in March 2020 and the uncertainties about the future, the municipality is now calling on rooftop owners.

Support from the municipality

If rooftop owners need help to map out the options, support is offered. The municipality works together with 'De Zoncoalitie' for this. Zone coalition can help you apply for SDE grants.

The municipality also offers attractive loans from the sustainability fund of the municipality for the realization of solar projects. You can find more information about this at

The municipality can also put you in contact with Amsterdam sun cooperatives. Many people in Amsterdam do not have the option to install their own solar panels on their own roof. Rooftop owners can also choose to make their rooftops available to residents of Amsterdam. The municipality of Amsterdam welcomes this and makes rooftops available itself as well.

 Support with project implementation

Zoncoalitie also offers project support for parties who already have an SDE + subsidy but have not yet realized the project. The Sun Coalition can support companies on behalf of the municipality with:
-      Technical feasibility study (Structural - Roof coverage - Electrical fitting).
-      Independent advice on operating models, financing, taxation and legal aspects.
The municipality can support a limited number of projects. We call on companies that are interested to register quickly. You can do this via

Information and questions
More information about the SDE + subsidy scheme can be found at:

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Eline Hoogendijk
Project manager Amsterdam Climate neutral
Municipality of Amsterdam
T (+31) 6 - 22 20 5949

Art van der Giessen
Solar energy program manager
Municipality of Amsterdam
M 06 - 83627709

Photo: Marcel Steinbach